About us

Our passion is to make engaging video content for our clients. Whether your planning a full-scale production, a live conference broadcast, or a short presentation to camera, read on to find out why you've come to the right place.


Here at Leopard Gecko Productions we love making video content for people, it’s our passion. It’s what we do.

On our showcase pages you’ll see just a small number of the many video projects with which we’ve been involved recently.

We’re equally at home making traditional video content, live-streaming your conference; making a short instructional video, a simple to-camera interview, or designing a motion graphic ident for your brand – although we’re not going to deny it, we also love the more complex shoots, whether that means lighting rigs, professionally-flown drones, name presenters, or dramatic art direction.

In the modern digital age, video content is king; it’s as simple as that.

According to research by the company Linstock Communications, video is the fastest growing medium on the web, with more than 12 billion videos viewed online every month – not surprising when you consider that social media engagement increases exponentially when posts are associated with video content rather than still images or plain text.

Here at Leopard Gecko Productions we comprise a small, friendly core team of just four, with decades of experience between us in every field from public relations to sound engineering, with film credits and Grammy nominations among our crew.

By staying small we can keep costs low, be adaptable, and ensure that while working on a project, you’ll quickly get to know who you’re working with, put names to faces, and develop a close working relationship with us.

In addition, we also have a pool of production professionals who we are able to call upon at a moment’s notice for shoots requiring specialist skills; these include storyboard artists, costumers, lighting directors, animators, CGI programmers, graphic designers, actors, presenters, and make-up and hair artists, to name just a few.

We’re based in South London, although we’re happy to travel wherever we’re needed, either in the UK or indeed anywhere on this beautiful planet. We’ve not yet sent a crew into  outer space, although we’d be happy to do so, if the project came along.

Every project is different: although we handle each one with the same professionalism, and attention to detail.

It may be that you’ve not made a corporate or commercial video before, and you’re just looking for ideas as to where to begin, or some advice as to how the whole process works.

Alternatively, you may be an experienced project manager or producer with exacting technical requirements, a precise timeframe, and a very specific brief.

However you see yourself – most of our clients find themselves somewhere between these two descriptions – we would be delighted to hear from you.

We like nothing more than to hear people’s ideas for what they want from a corporate or commercial video.

Let’s have a chat, let’s make a film