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Posted by on Sep 12, 2017 in Clients and Testimonials


Video is an essential requirement of modern corporate communications, especially given the importance search engines place in ranking video content.  Leopard Gecko has provided us with expert technical and storyboarding advice and highest quality end production in two recent video projects.

In the first instance, Leopard Gecko expertly shot, edited and condensed a full day Staff Development Programme for talented council managers of the future into a two and a half minute and full minute presentation.  Secondly, and in preparation for the LGA Annual Conference, the biggest event in the local government calendar, Leopard Gecko helped to unravel and explain in an animated infographic presentation a powerful narrative setting out the work and value of district councils across England.

As a customer, Leopard Gecko have both delivered and created services of supreme value and worth which have served to help overhaul and positively transform the brand image and reputation of our network.

Jonathan Werran