Mr Mountain – Refuse to Shine

Promo video for the Portsmouth band, Mr Mountain, and their song, Refuse to Shine. Shot over one day on location (primarily Portchester Castle) and at a furniture warehouse in Portsmouth, the video features a live performance by the band which runs parallel with a story of someone compelled to make it to the filming location and find out who’s making all that noise! Shot on ‘cinema’ DV cameras, the video was then converted into an anamorphic aspect ration to give it a more ‘epic’ look.

Mr Mountain

Chris Underwood

Assistant Director
Chris Hayes

Sound and Tracking
Peter Newble

Make-Up and Hair
Raj Lally

The Fan
Lucy Green

The Band
Dave Maffey - Vocals, Guitar
Charlie Davison - Vocals
Alex King - Guitar
Ned King - Drums
Rich Walker - Organ
Marcel Hone - Bass

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