Pepper and Shepherd: The Dogs of Riga

Pepper and Shepherd are an acoustic folk band at the forefront of the folk revolution, currently underway in London and across the UK at venues like The Lantern Society, The Goose is Out, and The Breathing Room.

Using just acoustic guitar, mandolin, and vocal harmonies, the duo create a sublime mix of musical atmospheres.

Through a range of camera tracking techniques, this single location shoot was edited to accompany the stripped down approach of the duo, and edited to complimment the subtle ebb and flow of the band’s music.

Pepper and Shepherd

Filmed at the Keynes Library, London

Camera / Director
Chris Underwood

Sound and Syncing
Peter Newble

Assistant Director
Eeva Pellonpera

Ethan Pepper

  • Bunmi – A designer profile

  • District Councils Network – National Conference 2017

  • Missing People’s – Find Every Child Campaign