Working on the farm

Posted by on Sep 7, 2015 in Updates


As you’ll see from the Showcase pages, we’ve just signed off a video for Gladwin’s Farm, a luxury holiday complex in the heart of the Suffolk countryside, with nine holiday cottages and a host of luxury facilities.

The shoot involved working with some very friendly animals, including pigs, goats, sheep, horses, and chickens. We had contemplated making a DVD extra of the times our furry friends didn’t behave to camera, but in fact, all of the animals behaved impeccably – well, apart from the goat maybe, which tried to eat the camera!

In order to create a sense of the natural scenic beauty of the farm, we used a lot of sliding shots, featuring a Konovo slider and jib. We also set a low f Stop on the cameras in order to give a slightly over-exposed feel to much of the footage.

For the butterfly shot, one of our favourite shots in the video, we used a Sony EX3 camera with a fantastic macro setting; the EX3 also created some beautiful widescreen shots for the closing scenes of the farm.

I also employed my beautiful family as the stars of the video, who were more than happy to take part – and completely stole the show, even from the poor old animals.

The music – Dream Good Dreams – was written and performed by the Ghostship Lanterns.